Sunday, 14 July 2024 - 09:12 am
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Garage Door Opener Cupertino

Do You Know What Kind Of Garage Door Openers Your Neighbors Use?

Do you know what kind of garage door openers your neighbors use? If you ever notice your garage opening or closing on its own, or almost like a phantom is operating it, then you might want to check with the houses around you and see what kind of garage door openers they are using. If you are home, keep an eye out to see if your garage door opens or closes when anyone close by is exiting or entering their own structure.

It does not happen as much as it used too, thanks to improvements in technology and demands and reports from consumers, but garage door openers sometimes open the doors of garages of homes they are not supposed to. Most openers are within the same allotted set of frequencies for their wireless communications, so sometimes there’s overlap.

This can happen a lot in neighborhoods with lots of garages, particularly in subdivisions that have followed recent trends of packing homes in very tightly to one another without much space between properties. Sometimes, it also happens because the staff of a local home improvement or hardware store like one brand of garage door opener over others and keep selling it enthusiastically until almost everyone uses it.

See what you can do about changing your frequency, or considering changing your opener if you must. Even if you lock the interior door between your home and garage, doors that open and close on their own might let pets out or animals in, and they expose the stored contents of your garage to the elements, as well as passersby, who might choose to help themselves.

It’s an annoying problem when you first notice it, and certainly stressful until you figure out the cause, but there are solutions just quickly contact here on garage door repair Cupertino.